Solopreneur business models

Explain the concept of the ‘Virtual Assistant’

A Virtual Assistant is a worker that is hired to do a specific task. Usually, they perform standardised tasks in areas like:


    • Accounting
    • IT
    • Human Resources
    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Market Research
    • Spreadsheet Creation
    • CRM Administration
    • Data Entry
    • Blogging
    • Social Media Marketing


These are tasks where it may not be necessary to be physically present in the office to perform them, and where it may not require a full-time employee to perform them.

A Virtual Assistant can perform the same type of work for many different companies, and they will typically be hired to do the same type of tasks repeatedly over longer periods of time.

A Virtual Assistant can either be a solopreneur and work for themselves or in cooperation with other Virtual Assistants to form a team of people that can cooperate on larger assignments.

Virtual Assistants are also known as Freelancers or remote workers, but here we will be using the term Virtual Assistant.

Explore the roles and skills used by Virtual Assistants


Depending on what the role of the particular VA might be in a company - see the short list above - A VA needs to be self-sufficient in the way they perform their tasks. This requires a special set of skills.

Here are the main skills of a virtual assistant:

Employers need to know that the people they hire are reliable, especially virtual assistants who are only accessible online.

Having great oral and written skills is important when working as a virtual assistant. Because there is no physical form of contact, clients must rely on emails, phone calls, messaging platforms and video calls to communicate.

Virtual assistants must know how to manage their time wisely because it is common for them to have multiple clients and schedules.

It is important for virtual assistants to be resourceful, which may involve researching material and finding solutions to the problems that clients face.

Because virtual assistants typically work alone in a home environment, they must possess the discipline and motivation required to stay focused.

Being organised keeps clients' information easily accessible, which helps virtual assistants stay on schedule.

Business owners who are limited on time often struggle with creating original content. Some virtual assistants, depending on their background and knowledge of a particular niche, may be able to help with brainstorming and creating new initiatives.

Knowing how to type is a technical skill required of all virtual assistants. That is what makes online communication possible.

Virtual assistants must be detail-oriented, noticing any mistakes before they become public.

An important technical skill that successful virtual assistants use is known as batching. Rather than multi-task between the various needs of clients, they complete as many similar tasks as possible.

Basic accounting
Virtual assistants often work as independent contractors, which means that having a basic knowledge of accounting skills is an important business practice.



Case: Outsourcing to a VA service

This article lists the reasons why you should outsource your tasks to a VA Agency

The upheaval in the economic climate for the last two years is perhaps the largest in this century. Organisations had to adopt new models and develop alternative solutions to ensure that regular business was not affected. Moreover, it has changed the way in which organisations are operating. From models such as “work from office” and “work under one roof,” organisations are shifting to “work from anywhere” and “virtual assistant outsourcing.”


Case: Skills That Virtual Assistants Need

Having the skills of a virtual assistant demonstrates your level of digital proficiency and increases your chances of being hired for work-from-home opportunities. Virtual assistants work in many industries and possess a variety of transferable skills that employers value in today's digital world. Many virtual assistants go on to assume marketing and sales positions with top companies.


Case: What is the benefit for a company to hire VAs instead of hiring full time workers?

40 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant


Upskilling yourself
The world is changing quickly, and with it, the future of work.
Even if you’re highly trained and educated, your industry will keep changing and require constant adaptation.
Upskilling yourself is the solution to this problem. You can evolve your skills to keep up with the changes in your industry and further your career.
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