Enterprise tools for Specific types of VAs

This section of the Facilitator Guide contains details of a set of Enterprise Tools designed for use by specific types of Virtual Enterprises: Coaches, Consultants, E-Learning Developers, Personal Assistants, Social Media Managers and Trainers. 

Each of the tools has been designed to help simplify a business process or to help the entrepreneur to plan their service and how they propose to deliver it.

Of course these tools might work for other types of VAs than they were developed for, so feel free to go through all of the tools for inspiration for growing your particular VA business.


The MYVA Coach

Prefilled Coach Enterprise plan - Example

Acting on Feedback
The purpose of this tool is to help the individual consider the feedback that they might receive. How will they best approach acting on that feedback.

Giving Feedback
The purpose of this tool is to give assistance in providing feedback to a colleague or teammate.  Sometimes, people may feel uncomfortable giving feedback and they might not know how to address an issue or even give positive feedback. So, before you start to give the feedback, ask yourself - ‘Why am I doing this?’

Action Plan
Coaching action plans help to ensure that the goals agreed in a coaching session are translated into a realistic plan of action.

Coaching Session
The purpose of this tool is to provide a template which the solopreneur can use for coaching sessions. While coaching might often take place in a team or one-to-one situation. It is possible and useful for the solopreneur to coach themselves so as to ensure they reach and achieve their desired goal.

A coaching agreement helps to confirm the coaching plan. It also allows us the chance to see what is important to us. It will allow formalise a plan to ensure that we achieve the goals set out in the coaching session.'

Personal Decision Model
There are many different decision model templates available but a simple an effective guide might include asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Does this align with my values?
  • Will this allow me the opportunity to work and live in a meaningful way.
  • Will doing this contribute to my portfolio in ways that will attract similar work?
  • Will this compensate me financially and fulfil me?

E-Course Developer

The MyVA E-Course Developer

Prefilled E-Course Developer Enterprise plan - Example

Assessment Types
There are a variety of types of eLearning assessments that you can use to evaluate your association’s members. The assessments that you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including the learning objectives of your course and the assessment functionality of your LMS. Because your objectives will vary both across and within courses, you’ll want to have a variety of assessment types in your toolkit to use. Let’s walk through 10 assessment options that you can incorporate into your next course.

Authoring Tools
This is the main tool you’ll use throughout the entire development process. If you’re new to course building, you’ll need to choose a handy tool that will allow you to create eLearning modules as quickly as possible, while also meeting all your authoring needs. For instance, if you want to create interactive courses with quizzes, videos, and dialogue simulations, you need an authoring software that is a single set of tools under one roof that can cover a variety of tasks.

E-learning Storyboard
Storyboarding: How to Map Out an Online Course

Learning Goals vs Objectives
This tool is meant to clarify the difference between the often-broad learning goals that are important to the company or institution that provides the teaching, and learning objectives that are the precise things being learned by the learners. This distinction is important to understand when you are creating new learning materials.

LMS Selection Criteria
Selecting the right LMS (Learning Management System) for the task at hand might not be your choice as a VA E-course developer. But there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing an LMS. This list helps you to reflect on the different aspects, and maybe ask the right questions in time.

Script Writing
Creating a narration script is about writing a text for learners to hear, not read. You may skip this step if you’re not going to include a voice-over in your course.

SME and Stakeholders
When developing an online course, you need to deal with both subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders.

E-course Ideas
Use this tool to describe your ideas for you next E-course

E-Course Idea Checklist
This checklist will help you to secure that you have considered all the fundamental for creating your next E-course

E-Course Customer Needs
Use this tool to note the E-course need of your customers.


The MYVA Consultant

Prefilled Enterprise plan - Example

Balanced Scorecard
It helps you identify and improve your internal operations to help you external outcomes. It measures past performance data and provides organizations with feedback on how to make better decisions in the future. It helps you to identify key goals to keep in mind while working on measures.

Problem Solving Chart
To help you identify the problem and reflect upon the causes, with the aim to take action.

Business Success Formula
To help define the elements making up an individual’s definition of business success

Sales Process Audit
A sales audit — also referred to as a sales process audit — is a detailed analysis of a company's sales process. This entails reviewing everything from staff, software, to strategy. Audits identify gaps and opportunities for your sales team to improve on.

Investor Pitching I: The Owner’s View
To help to reflect upon the business and how to present it to potential investors but starting from the owner´s needs and desires regarding the business.

Investor Pitching II: The Investor’s View
To help to reflect upon the business and how to present it to potential investors, and the questions to expect. This tool is complementary and a follow-up to the tool: Investor Pitching I: the owner´s view.

Strategic Plan
To evaluate how urgent and important it is for your business to have a strategic plan

Social Media Manager

The MyVA Social Media Manager

Prefilled Social Media Manager Enterprice plan - Example

Blog Template
Businesses use blogs to stay connected with their customers, visitors. Blogging also helps to keep your audience engaged and suitable to share relevant, helpful content. Other advantages are: build trust with your audience, advertise while sharing meaningful content, build your brand and attract new clients. Choosing the theme of the blog is challenging, because whatever you choose, stays with you. It’s the storefront for your ideas. And you want your storefront to look more like the Apple store, rather than the personal blog of a local wiseguy. If you are not a graphic designer then choosing the right template for your blog is crucial. We will tell you what to keep in mind!

Social Media Scheduling Templates
Social media managers are the voices of a company and it is important for them to maintain a consistent/coherent voice/image throughout a campaign. Social media templates represent a good solution to their needs, since it helps them to build up an image, navigate between clients and to prevent a shortage of ideas. By using  templates the creator only changes the message while the frame, the colours are remaining the same.

Client Management Plan
Virtual assistants are so much more than just doing projects for someone. If a virtual assistant wants to keep clients and also get clients, then we have to talk about client experience too. This is how client management comes into the picture. Client management is a combination of activities/routines that will assure clients that working with you was their best move. It showcases your professionalism and that you’re a serious business owner and entrepreneur.

Social Media Monitoring
Monitoring social media is usually the task of the social media manager. Ever since consumers moved from offline to online shopping, putting e-commerce at the forefront of retail. More and more brands and online businesses focus on honing their online presence across the internet.
Social media monitoring tools are the best way to find out what people are saying about your brand. And also what they’re saying about your product, your competitors, basically, anything your audience could possibly have an opinion on. In other words: social media monitoring gathers and presents the audience an insight about things we mentioned above.

Segmentation Targeting 
As a social media manager we will be targeting people of different age groups. Even if our product or service is one, the way people perceive it will differ greatly. I am sure you yourself must have noticed this. The way you perceive something differs a lot from the way your parents perceive it. Generational marketing will help you in sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management
Just to make sure we are on the same page we should clarify what is the point of SEO. At its core, SEO is the process of making your site rank as high as possible in Google/Bing/Yahoo (or whatever search engine you are using)  when someone types in, mexican jumping bean (or whatever it is you are selling). It is a never ending battle, making people frustrated. SEO requires attention because it changes continuously. One of the reasons for this change is us, the way we behave in the online space, the marketers, who are using new strategies until it gets tired. Search engines are the other perpetrators, changing, fine tuning their services. “SEO is a never-ending battle to get more eyes on your website and convince Google that your site is worth sending searchers to.”


The MyVA Trainer

Prefilled Trainer Enterprice plan - Example

Communication skills
Beyond presenting information and leading discussions, it is vital for a trainer to be highly skilled in all aspects of communication.

How To Be a Good Trainer
What is a good trainer? And what qualities do you need to be a good trainer? To be successful, you need time and patience. In addition, you need basic skills that can take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

How To Present Your Business
Being able to present your business to investors or an audience is very important if you want to succeed. A trainer can coach you on your way.

Who Can Be a Trainer?
A trainer is a person who helps an individual and/or a team, both professionally and personally, to develop, shape their lives and achieve their goals. Can anyone become a trainer?

Moving Forward
Training and coaching is an effective way to help someone move forward to achieve their goals. The aim is to help an individual or a team to grow and develop in the direction they want. Training can help us focus on and achieve set goals, find new approaches, get new ideas and change behaviours. It encourages personal responsibility and often leads to increased effectiveness and motivation.

Personal Assistant

The MyVA Personal Assistant

Prefilled Personal Assistant Enterprice plan - Example

Creating a Service Package
This tool will walk you through some simple tips for creating service package

Client Assignment Briefs
Communication is the key to a stable, lasting and healthy relationship. This is even more important in the context of business, where poor communication can lead to disastrous results and cost a lot of money. The purpose of this client brief section is to understand the importance of communication between the client and the external expert who is leading the project or developing the service and to highlight the essential conditions for a successful business partnership.

Client Needs Analysis
The aim of this template is to facilitate the VA analysis of the client and his needs, which will facilitate the specific duties of the VA and clearly set the activities.

Report writing template
Used to record comments about the day by the project manager or other team member.

Tips for Personal Assistant
This tool will walk you through some simple tips and tricks to make your job as a VA easier.

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